About Us

Welcome to A Lot Of Gifts!

We are a small business operating in the UK who provide a variety of product reviews on a whole range of products. We tend to enjoy the finer things in life such as shabby chic and vintage items that’ll really transform a dull and unappetizing house into something quite special. Our team, who consists of 3 reviewers will certainly take on aboard anything that you have to say in the comments and we want to appear as being the number 1 place to go to for kitchenware and dinnerware reviews.

One of our team members Alice focuses in on Photography, providing a variety of product reviews based in and around this fascinating area. The rest of the team works on providing the latest information about shabby chic mugs, kitchenware and dinnerware items.

If you work for a small business that provides these items then let us have a look for you so we can provide you with our thoughts and suggestions on to how to really appeal for this buzzing marketplace. We look forward to hearing from you!