Reviewing Giftware & Homeware Options For A New Year

Ah, all the fuss of the holiday season is quickly disappearing – Christmas and new year always depart much more quickly than they arrive.  Coming in August, the start to the festivities takes weeks, with all the noise and hullaballooo in the shops.  The big stores will tell us year on year that their campaigns are customer led.   This seems inconceivable, as no-one around here has ever told a store manager they want their Christmas stock to be available before the school holidays have even got under way.

The art of engaging with customers is to take note of their regular requests, finding out preferences,  ensuring that these are reflected in the stock made available to them for their customers.   Being absolutely up to date with everything that can be sourced in a particular design theme, taking time to get the most up to date and relavant information on products is more helpful than anything else in these busy times.