Oh No – The Dreaded St. Valentine’s Day

There can be nothing more absurd than the annual debacle that surrounds a number of specifically manufactured commercial events.  There is now Black Friday, spreading to Black Monday leading up to and /or following Black Friday and the rest of that week;  Before that we now endure the Halloween excitement that has taken over and rather squashed our dear little Penny For The Guy, Bonfire Night extravaganza.  But really, the one that causes men the biggest headache has to be the Valentine day gift.  There are hundreds of adverts now extolling the man about town to buy this perfume or that jewellery.  Flowers treble in price and the dear humble red rose, the default choice, well – that’s now out of the question for most folk.

A little common sense could be employed here by browsing gift review sites and selecting the perfect gift, at the perfect price, ages in advance of the day.