Getting Opinions Help Planned Purchases

How I rely on reviews of items I plan to buy.  This to me is absolutely essential – from wild garden bird food to hair styling and everything in between.  I cannot imagine buying anything now without a thorough investigation of my favourite sites, checking the product itself, the prices available and much more critical to me, what other folk have to say about it.    This was especially important when I was trying to get a present for a very important occasion –  60th  wedding anniversaary present for grandparents.

We had an idea of what we wanted to give but without a good store immediately nearby that stocked the beautiful porcelain coffee cup and cake stand set,  we couldn’t decide on the colour, neatness of design etc.  Thank heavens for reviews online.  My goodness, this saved us so much time and energy.  We looked up the five star reviews and the 1 star ones.  Amazingly helpful.