Browsing Online Versus On Foot

One of the real joys at the moment is being able to pop to a local market town and browse the shops – but only when when there are no children or their frazzled looking parents in tow.  There are some wonderful small towns nearby and each has its own speciality shops – maybe for bric a brac and general giftware.  Others offer superior clothing lines for those who feel they need that little bit more from their high street clothier.  One local village that has now expanded over the years to be a small town has a very pretty georgian style market square.  It would be wonderful if only there was somewhere to park and the shops could carry endless choice.

However, for those of us who need more time to browse, and be able to choose exactly the right giftware and home products in absolute knowledge that we won’t be hurried or hassled, there is the online type of browsing!